I can't kill the others.What to do?

jimy21 6 years ago updated by faris100 3 years ago 14
I do my first kill in a battle and then I can't  kill the others?
your Turret is too weak,
the enemy used a repair kit,
the enemy was too strong, (another possibility is that they have a double armor equipped, you can tell if they do when you can see a shield icon under the username)
or your PC lagged, and you actually missed them. (on your screen, it would have looked like a hit)
I think that my computer is lagging because my friend can't see the bullet.What to do?
It's  not lag I have 20 FPS I am not lagging.
That is not an FPS problem, that is related to ping.
i used chrome (nice fps,but i had this problem)now i download mozzila firefox(no very good fps but i am not lagging)i don't have this problem.
I suggest you turn off all of your graphics settings. Because you switched browsers, all the settings reverted back to automatic settings. (on)
I am okay now guys.Thanks for your advices

I understand the problem more now, now that I have experienced it myself. You are....I guess this is the only way to put it....half-connected to the server. On your screen, you are shooting and interacting just like normal, but to everyone else, all you are doing is driving around, but not shooting at all. The solution is to refresh the page.

page refresh works? but it didnt work for me .-.

i too cant kill enemy no matter which turret hull or how much bullet i fire i even opened new account but cant kill anybody. is there a preferential policy going on in tanki online, is it discrimination of some kind

very dissapointed

Simply just refresh and your problem will be solved. :)

I have the same problem .. I can't kill anyone .. 

@GENERAL_H_A_M_Z_A_9 I try that put it still the same the same