how to delet the pasword of tanki forum from the mozila firefox while i presed ok by mistake when ot asked me to memorise the password?

EYPAN 6 years ago updated by Scientist 6 years ago 5
here is what happened: 1 I went to Q&A 2 I clicked on sing in 3 then I wrote the name and the password and clicked ok 4 my browser asked if I wanted Firefox to remember my password and I pressed YES by mistake 5 now everyone can use my forum !! . If someone writes my name the password will applied automatically WHAT CAN I DO ?

For that Q. It's ok
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There will be no need to provide your password to anyone in order to attain the answer to this question, just to be clear.
Information on how to remove the passwords that Firefox has saved can be found here.
Thanks you ! Ιt was exacly what I wanted