problem in future map(space)...

legendum 4 years ago updated by Sia 4 years ago 3

my tank was automatically self destructing while making the video of the week... i dont know why it is happening i have video proof of that it was recorded in my captured videos.

This is because of the anti-hack system, It's there to prevent hackers from using popular hacks such as fly or jump hack. You self destruct when you fly above or when you touch the limit of the map.

Try making your map a "Parkour" map You have the option of *space-Parkour* and *Normal Parkour* So don't worry about it, Just change your Map settings--> Click..

Create  -> Without Formate -> Scroll down and Click Parkour

Now you can jump at any hight as long as it is not a Suspicious Jump hack, Near the top of the map  Or above the highest point, Then you will Self destruct.

Good Luck