share my artwork

REAL_MADRID77_GTO 4 years ago updated by Sia 4 years ago 4

how do i share one of my artwork?  I saw in the forum that some players share their and get 50k crystals.

Well, you can share your artwork in the "Creativity Area" of the forum.

BUT, if you want to win crystals, then there must be a contest.

In the latest VLOG, there was a contest where players were supposed to share their artwork depicting a scene in the VLOG and the best among them received crystals. That is how you saw them receiving 50K crystals

The place to share your creativity

You might have seen the Best artworks of April 2017. You must post your artwork on the Creative League page.  The admin will pick some of the best pieces for the Best artworks of the incoming month.


To get a chance in winning 50 000 crystals, you can either share your artwork on the Creative league's page and wait for the Best artworks of the current month to come out or you can participate in a Newspaper contest, there might be some contests which asks you to design something! TankiOnline newspaper.