Help with Updates

EzanK 4 years ago updated by Sia 4 years ago 3

I am sorry if my question is invalid, or this is the wrong place to ask, but I hope I get a coherent and helpful answer. Basically, I am a returning Tanki player that has quit near the end of 2016, just before the release of the new turret "Striker".

My question is, as a returning player, may you please state or highlight what are the major events I missed, or updates that are game changing? Currently, I am going through getting a new laptop, so I can't manually play the game myself, to check it out. However, as I do plan on coming back, I would like to know some new things before I play, so I can adjust quicker. 

If there is a lot to list, please don't go through the trouble of stating all of them. In fact, if it's as simple as a new turret release, you can just send me a Tanki Forum article talking about it. I would read it myself, but I just need the resources myself, as even finding Clans in Tanki Forum are now a struggle. 

Thank you again for reading my question, and I hope it doesn't cause too much inconvenience.