why is one kill reduced when we self destruct

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when we self destruct why is one kill reduced?
i mean we have got no choice rather than to self destruct when our tank get upside down and its not us who knowingly gets flipped up sometimes other tankers also flip us please i want to know the reason behind it (no offence ) . and am i the first one to post a question ?


The kill is reduced because people sometimes would self-destruct to get their health back, and some just thought it was funny to self-destruct, to jump off the map, and some would do it for sabotage, so they made this reduction of a kill as a price of self-destruction.
The kill is reduced because of players with low health jumping off the maps to regenerate health. Now, the kill is reduced as something like 'price' for regenerating or just dying. You can use this strategy if an enemy is coming at you. Just shoot him so he/she flips and dont kill him/her then. Opposite team gets one team member immobilized for few seconds. Hope this helps.
- TygrCZ
The reason for the self destruct losses is because of the bad use of it. Many players do it for not giving kill to other players.  You can check V-log 4 for more details. Good Luck
yea, many people abused the 'self-destruct' function so this is their price
It can get annoying at times, 5 experience points are deducted from your points in the score board as well as one kill..
Tanki Online EN V-Log 4, this v-log will tell you more details about it. It was removed due to the amount of players self destructing when they were about to die, now they usually don't except when gold box is going to drop.
gold takes about 15 seconds to decide where to drop so i don't get that last part
It's so that you don't go around self-destructing, and actually try not to flip over.
I still don't see the logic.  Yes, you should add a death to your score whether you self destruct from flipping or being flipped, blow yourself up when using Thunder or Ricochet, or even drive off the map on purpose or by mistake, but I don't see why you should lose a legitimate kill.  I can't believe that it would be that hard to take that little feature out of the programming, but not being a programmer, it may not be as easy as I think.
It's unfair to the person that inflicted damage to a tank but got no score.
It is supposed to act as a deterrent towards those who consider self-destructing when they are low on health. With the penalty, you may as well wait to be killed instead of self-destructing and losing yourself a kill. This used to be an especially common issue between players facing Thunders, who could 'suicide' attack them.

Those voting down on answers that make sense are the ones that benefit from TO sponsored advantage over the general cannon fodder players. They do not want everyone to make much fuss about certain things.

YAaaa downvote as if a care...


So this is another way TO sponsors cheating. A player with Thunder in CQB must allow himself to be destroyed without fire back., to not loose the pathetic kills he have. As if a Thunder get many kills....

Originally, self destructing only added 1 death to your in-battle statistics, but since last year, you will now suffer a deduction of 10 points and 1 kill.  This is meant to prevent players from jumping off the map or blowing themselves up with Thunder/Ricochet to respawn with full health or to deny an enemy of a kill. The developers didn't like this, so you'll now be penalized for self destruction.

It's usually not a big deal if you don't self destruct very often.

Actually you only lose 5 points and 1 kill from your battle stats

Then the developers remove self damage from Thunder. Or add self damage to all turrets.

That way only people who press self destruct can be penalized and not the ones with pathetic turrets in close quarter combat.

This is another example of TO sponsored Cheating.

The simple fact is this extra penalty has been effective.
Before this many tanks (shafts mainly and some rails) would self destruct when I chased them with my ricochet = certain slow death for them but a kill to me. If they jump off the scenery they would get back in the game quickly with full health and I would get no kill. :0(
A would have preferred Tanki to give the last attacker to hit them the kill for any form of self-destruct.
But I can imagine the extra programming does not help the performance of the game.
Also it's not such a bad thing trying harder to avoid self-destructs - it's up to you how much risk you take.
It's now more of a tactic to leave enemy tanks upside down and not kill them - keeps them out of the game for longer and takes battle fund share from them.
However, I do wish we had a self righting mechanism on all tanks - even if it takes 5 to 10 seconds.
By the way I have seen 2 tanks pick up an upside down tank (my Wasp with flag) and then I can put myself back on my tracks (ricochet) - I wish this was easier to do and more common practice.
I'm hoping the new forthcoming Tanki player stats will not take account of the K/D ratio - because it's ridiculous to compare a Mammoth Shaft with a Wasp doing CTF flag runs (very risky = many deaths).
The only thing that matters IMHO is the number of points you gain per hour on the battlefield field.
This rating can be displayed for every 'current' rank covering say the last 6 months play.
Dude, try to make this answer short
The way I see it the "fee" of one kill gone is there to prevent us from doing it in the future. If they took the "fee" away people would do it.
well that's because self destruct means killed by yourself
so they reduce your points because you've done a nasty mistake(flipped upside down)

its still dum that when you self destruct you lose 1 point and 5xp
This is because of the following reasons:-
  • Before the update Thunder and Rico users just kept self-destructing and giving others a less chance to score.
  • Mostly people kept self-destructing if they flipped instead of trying to get back on their tracks.
  • And the most important To make game play more diverse.
so players dont self destruct when somebody is about to kill them/
After self-destructing you lose a point because there are a lot of players that 
self destruct themselves because of low health and they want to respawn back to full health.
This is Very common in Tanki Online, But even though you fall down accidently You wont lose Xp
You will only lose the score in the statistics of the match (if you dot get it read on)

Example Your score is:::: 556 you killed like 50 people and you died 45 times
When you self destruct the scores reduction is depended on how much health you had before
Self-Destructing.If your health was all the way at the very end and you self-destruct your score will reduce more but if you self-destruct when your health is at the start you wil only lose 4-6 Battle score NOT the Xp above. 

So the reason Tanki did this is to keep players away from self-destructing just to re -spawn (in other word get back to full health) So whenever you self-destruct to respawn you will lose your battle Xp NOT your XP above the page.

Hope this helped :-)
And if you are chasing a Railgun/shaft and they fall off on purpose you will get mad or frustrated that your kill is wasted and so this is why tanki did this (READ FULL DETAILS ABOVE)

they added this a while back
its so that people aren't encouraged to give up
i guess? its been a while since then
then LEARN to LOOK where your tanking
i never have to cause i always pay attention and know my maps
all you have to do is memorize the map
This is the penalty for being flipped!
Because that is what you get for getting flipped over or jumping off the map so try not to do that.
okay jumping out of match to respawn life get u self destructed with one kill reduced  its ok but why when we get flipped and self destruct our one kill is reduced why?.and yeah i  too feel like its a penalty for being flipped and its not we who gets flipped by purpose sometimes our teammates only flip us in order to get flag or so.in short one kill reduced when we jump out of map to get life okay but when we get flipped tottaly  affects our position in battle . 
Because self-destructig counts as killing yourself.
it is basically because tanki online is punishing us for being so clumsy and flipping over or falling into the
battlefield. If we purposely jump out of battlefield to stop enemy from killing us or for just doing it, it is also Tanki punishing us for our bad thinking.
There is one simple explanation why tanki came out with this update. That reason is noobs decided to  jump off sides of maps not affecting there score but allowing the attacker to get a big fat 0 points. The update was not intended to upset players. I think this update helped improve the game which is always a good thing. The Tanki Team is just trying to help our game experience so appreciate that. 

-Gameboy6, Keep up the good work Tanki.
why then not only kill is reduced even pioints and deaths and kills why??
some players jump simply when they r sure they will die if we have almost killed them and we loose our guns ammo this might be cheating 
This is update in the game because when you want to kill someone the player  jump and self and you can't kill it but now if he jump and self he lose 5 score .
it is reduced because it is counted as a penaulty
Im playing good with Thunder, so i learned how to stop enemies making me do damage to my self when they try to push me. But some nooby players with thunder still self destruct when enemy is pushing them so i think to one kill is also reduced if you are a "noob" with thunder.
Its a punishment so when you jump wrong you flip or fall of the map and cause of flipping or falling out of the map you loose 5 points, except someone flips you that isnt nice (so you should "revenge" and flip him to)
taking 5 xp seems fear to me
u will lose one kill if u did self
1- player keep self when fire attack them and that not fair for fire player ;p
they hav done this bcause when firebird received the burn time update (the old one) people would jump off when burned since self destruction was free with no side effects. they hav dealt with the problem in both zones- decreased fire burn damage and a penalty for self destruction.
I think you shouldnt lose a kill or gain a lost if you are changing equipment or if you are flipped
That was one of the updates of 2014. They made that so the game can be fair-played with that. So when you are in a battle with teams and you self-destruct, you will lose one kill + 5 points ( Of your score ). If you are on DM Mode, you will lose only one kill.

guys because when we make 100 in dm so it will give 1000 cry and in tdm we we make 100 it will give 100 cry so

this is a good point, when up-side down then self destruct should be free. if not then yes


Thanks for pointing this out. I was committing suicide to keep others from gaining xp, griefing, but this penalty makes it not worth it. I'd rather be good, nice rule.


A kill is removed because in 1V1 DMs thunders would always win. The trick was to do tons of damage to the enemy or kill them, then self destruct by shooting a wall and respawn with full health to kill your enemy again. Your enemy doesn't get any points for dealing a bit of damage to you, and you don't lose any points for self destruction. This wasn't exactly fair so the tanki team made it so that you would lose a kill.


I don't get it because a kill should equal a kill and not be able to be deducted back a kill

if we minus a kill for self destructing we should minus a self destruct for a kill am i right?


If one of your kills is deducted on self-destruct, then whats the need to increase your lost count !!!!


But what if ur dealing with hrd players and u only got 1 kill and u fall of the map


Because when we self destruct, we destroy our own self that's why 1 kill has been



people with short range turrents on wasp often push up aginst thunders to make them do self damage,then the thunder dies i recomend that you use thunder on a light hull so you can escape


i've tried that before. runnign across the map and trying to complete a mission for supplies, jumping up into a box and being shot right before hitting. and they are my teammates who do that, because they think its funny and that's because the have 100 kills and 999999 score so they don't care and its just so fustrating!