What does the different signs in the list of friends mean?

Vanisher 6 years ago updated by Scientist 6 years ago 3
Like the cross of two swords before both name and battle, which sometimes are there and sometimes not. What does this sign indicate? Is there a place where one can get these signs explained?
The sword cross symbol indicates if you can join their battle or invite them to your battle; if the symbol's there, you can join or invite, if not, then you can't. If the symbol is beside the name, you can invite. If it's beside the battle they're in, you can join.
Howdy PowerStrike1.1 and thanks for the answer. Think I got it now - kind of irritated me, that I not 100% could figure out, when I could and when I couldn't play with friends. So thank you for pinning it out for me!
Would also be nice, if there where a sign by the battles showing if there where room to join or not. Anyway, have fun out there!
Hey! There's a whole page on our Wiki dedicated to the Friends system. You can find the answers of your questions here!