Pro Battle Buttons. What do they mean?

zen631 6 years ago updated by Awesome_Akki 5 years ago 7
What do the various formats of pro battle like XP, BP, XP/BP mean?
Also in the check options what do 'ugrades', supplies and smart supplies do?
XP mean that you must use hornet and railgun in the battle,BP mean Wasp Railgun.
All your info
XP: a popular format which consists of hornet and railgun only
BP: A comparatively less popular format which consists of wasp and railgun only
XP/BP: This means that you can equip either of the two formats mentioned before

In the check options:

Upgrades: If you disable this, players won't be able to micro-upgrade there tanks
Supplies: If you disable this, supplied can't be picked up from the ground or be used from your own stock
Weapon Change: If you disable this you can't change your hull/turret in the game 
Bonus boxes: If these are disabled, supplies won't drop from the ground (NOTE: Gold boxes can still drop)
Smart Supplies: If these are disabled, you can equip all drugs (supplies) at once 

Ok, now lets start from the top
  1. Maps:- Allows you to create any map available to you rank.
  2. Theme:-Allows you to change the theme of map.e.g.Winter,Summer,Night Mode
  3. Then there is a scroll bar for adjusting rank limit.
  4. Now you have to chose format of battle.(Death Match,Team Death Match,Capture the flag or Control Points)
  5. Max players:- Allows you to set maximum number of that that can enter in a battle.
  6. Time Limit:-Allows you to set duration of battle.
  7. Destroy limit/Capture limit:-Allows you to set target.
  8. PRO Battle:-Allows you you turn on and turn off Pro Battle mode.
  9. Private Battle:- Allows you to make battle private to available to all other players.
  10. Weapon change:-Allows you to change your tank combinations during battle.
  11. Supplies:-Allows you to turn on and turn off supplies/drugs use.
  12. Bonus Boxes:-With this button you can turn on or off dropping of supplies from parachutes.
  13. Upgrades:-Allows you you turn on or off micro upgrades.
  14. Smart supplies:-If  you switch on this button then you can't use all your supplies together and if you turn off this then you will be able to use all of them together.
  15. At last format of battle:- Allows you to chose the format of battle wether XP,BP,Parkour Mode or with any format

i though that the upgrade thing meant that you get free up grades( don't dream big )