Tanki Online Client Loading Forever...

HumanTorch2 4 years ago updated by Adab (Moderator) 5 months ago 11


The Tanki online client is not loading and is loading forever, Like i entered in the client and wrote my username and password and clicked on play then it keeps on loading and loading i tried to re-open but still the same thing its loading. I opened it again then the main chat was not coming and a loading screen was coming, I waited and saw it crashed means the whole screen was black and like this it is happening. i tried every method but still nothing is happening. Can this be fixed? Help Me!

Hi! I also have this issue. I already tried the following:

My internet is fine. Tanki Online works on my browsers and on the standalone flash player but the game lags on these platforms; that's why I use the client version. But two days ago, it started malfunctioning. Please help me.

after i clean cache i having problem  entering battels


I was able to log in, but when I tried to join a battle it loaded for a long time and the said your tank has been removed from the battle due to inactivity, It never put me in the battle all it did was load.

Sometimes when trying to load into battle, if the bar is stuck at the end reload your page.

please help me i am facing this problem from the last week.

I had tried every possible solution to solve this problem, but this same thing happening again.

Please help TO community

Hey, please follow any of the below-mentioned solutions and see if your problem resolves.

1) Clear Tanki Online flash client's cache. (How to?)
2) Check your internet connection.

Sometimes your computer over-heating or less available disk space may also cause long loading times which you may confuse and relate to as "forever" loading, so please also consider these.

Hey, no worries, please try clearing cache (browser/client) or check your internet connection.