I am unable to join in battles or go to my garage

sabi_unbeatable 4 years ago updated by Sia 4 years ago 2

Please help me I am unable to join in battle or even go to my garage .When I click garage the screen loads but it take long time to load and never show my garage .Same as that when I go to battle by clicking the battle button below the posted battle site in the game I am unable to join and the screen load for long time and after few minutes it show removed form battle due to inactive even if not enter the battle.I have tried for long time it happens again and again.I also have change the password for making sure that no one else is using it but the no change.Also when I enter the game the chat loge works fine but still I am unable to go to battle or to garage.Please help me and if there any change I will see to it.



Hello. Try to clean your browser and flash cache. It might help.