Who is Godmode_ON ?

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Godmode_ON is a mysterious tanker who uses a paint unique to him (devil) and normally plays deathmatches. Some say that once he is killed, 3 gold boxes are dropped.
Godmode_ON is a mysterious tanker who uses a paint unique to him (devil) and normally plays deathmatches. Some say that once he is killed, 3 gold boxes are dropped.
Is he one of the staff ? And how he change his level?
No, he is not a staff member. He is a myth that actually shows up. Players, staffers, and Admins alike are left to wonder who Godmode_On is.
There is prove he is a staff member his paint was on a holiday paint which is impossible to do unless you are a paint maker or developer or part of the tank community the community and developers are just hiding who he is...

Well Godmode_ON is actually a Russian employee. If Godmode_ON was a hacker he would be banned already.

the best player who can play with thunderM3,twinsM3 and mammoth
He is a myth How is that possible how tanki don't know?
I have seen about him when he is killed many goldboxes come at a time. I guess he may be one from staff.The staff might be hiding from us. They want to be it like mysterious..
he is sure sttaf because of 1 question of the weak...they asked us who will kill Godmode_ON...how they got him there

Godmode_ON is a player who is usually found in deathmatches there is a video uploaded by PORTS_SS showing that he was playing againest PORTS_SS he has a paint called devil and it has 98% of deffence from all weapons accept Freeze and Firebird which he has 100% people asked Opex-pax replyed with a person with a horse head xD
godmode_on is a mysterious tanker he always plays DM and his favorite maps are slence and polygon etc he has different ranks ranging from lueiteneunt colonel to generallisimo in different servers and according to me i think his paint gives him 83%protection from all paint

He is my rival, and I am devoted to bringing him down, no matter the cost.

Godmode_ON,I believe is Semyon Strizhak.He plays with the paint for fun.If Godmode_ON was a hacker,he would be banned right?

watch that_one_michael on youtube. he got info in 1 vid.

I've heard that he has infinite drugs, uses a combo of either m3 twins or m3 thunder with m3 mammoth, he has a paint that has 88% protection against all turrets, and when he dies he drops gold boxes. He is most obviously a developer or a hacker as a normal player would not be able to do what he does and if they did they would be banned. But what's strange is that the developers claim that they don't know anymore than we do about Godmode_ON. Also he can't be found in the player profile section yet he plays in deathmatches most often in polygon or silence. He is also known to change ranks and has m3 equipment even when his rank is too low. He is probably a game developer who added this to add mystery and controversy to tanki online. Almost all games have an element of mystery or controversy and this is most likely the same. Thank you for reading until here and not dying of boredom.



why cant we see his profile in the ratings??
he is a player that mightbe made by the tanki makers

Godmode_ON is Nikolai Kolotow!!Realy!!I

If you watch V-log episode 55 you will see at 3:06 when presenting Nikolai Kolotow, in his info it says "Not Godmode_ON"