Why isn't my referral showing up in my invited friends list?

Zanlasha_G 4 years ago updated by AV-Gamers 3 years ago 6

I invited a referral to the game using the correct link, we added each other to our friends lists, and the referral has already ranked up and earned crystals. However, the crystals did not show up in my referral list nor did the player itself. Why is this, and how can I resolve the problem?

Can you show us the link you sent to them? Maybe they didn't use your link, but registered through tankionline.com.

There's no solution to the problem actually, as you can't make someone your referral after they've registered. But we can help you identify the problem so you won't have it again when you invite others to the game.

Other people have the problem too, i dont know when will it fix

were is my referral link writen'

you can read this topic for more help - Referral links
Hope this will help you.