How can i buy the M0 Shaft?

ty-awsome 6 years ago updated by SHOAIB.ZAFAR 5 years ago 7

I do not even have the option to buy the M0 Shaft in the shop. I was playing in a long ranged battle and needed it. But don't have the option to buy it, plz help

Shaft M0 is available at your rank, but you probably don't have enough crystals to buy the item. How many do you have?

i have 1 700 and it is available at my rank, but i cant find it in the shop. if you go to M1 shaft i will tell you the rank and price for M0 to M3, and the price for M0 is 1 200.

You may be too low a rank. Shaft will still be there, but if you try to but it the amount of crystals needed will be in red.

Wait for a sale, such as christmas, then you could get it cheaper.

What is your rank? Your rank have to be over Master Corporal to buy Shaft M0

thanks, a buddy of mine just told me the same thing. Im a warrant officer.