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when will be launched tankionline unity version, or it will be on this year?


The new version of Tanki Online (Unity) will come at the end of  2015, the date is unfortunately unknown to us.
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it was said in the Vlog it will be tried to be launched this year yes.

It is possible that they might release it next year in the new year (I was told that by someone, not sure)
they said this year and i am only hoping and praying lol.
Well presently everyone is not sure about this but we are expecting it to be launched by this year.Till then you can keep yourself updated by watching Video Vlogs
I aren't so happy for the Unity Version because I don't like to download this things.

You will need to download then just unity to play Tanki Online on unity!
CU Waldfrucht
What I want to know is if they are doing unity instead of or in-addition-to the current version of tanki, because i don't have unity web player. and i don't like downloading things it makes me uneasey I keep thinking i'll get a virus.
Well, I have a mac xD. So no worries for me but, I still hate macs cuz they can't run any good games.
It will be in addition to the current one.
The new version of Tanki Online (Unity) will come at the end of  2015, the date is unfortunately unknown to us.
CU Waldfrucht
seriously at end of 2015?!
that's taking a month! 
what type of Unity will this game be using, or will it be a future unity we have yet to experience (for example v5n when it wasn't around as opposed to v3.5) ?
Idk, actually I don't really know anything about that stuff xD
We are waiting Unity Player version with four eyes... (it is a Turkish expression)
Will we be able to transfer our Flash player account to the Unity version?
Yah, they said in the V-log that it will use our current account for the new version.
hello!!!I want o know why when I have full life on one game then someone comes and shoot me only one time they kill me:D☻☻☻☻
If you are using a wasp or a hornet, you can get killed in one shot by a shaft or a railgun of equal or greater tier. almost all vehicles can be killed by a shaft in one shot if the 2X attack is applied on it, including mammoth depending on micro-upgrade conditions. a railgun is capable of one-shotting vikings and weaker tanks when using 2X attack, and maybe some stronger tanks as well but not a mammoth
Well, the 1st part is not true; An M1 railgun can only very rarely kill an m1 Wasp and never an M1 Hornet unless MU'd, however it can kill M0's up to hunter.
I have heared it will come at this years end
guys if you want to see what the unity version of tanki will look like go to this link    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NqomWMBCzjQ
Thank you shiljofire for tell this, but now, I made a second video, more beatiful. Have a good viewing

I think the developers are going to put new stuff in the game right?
Is the new unity game available for macintosh (mac)
Yes, most likely, however it may require some download Idk.

Когда будет новый tankionline

it is not ls not launched since 2016