Tanki online Downloadable CIlent error

000-hamdh-000 4 years ago updated by Sia 4 years ago 4

Fatal error. Resource id: 5004356, resource version: 1450772737423 Error #2032

Every time i enter the game I keep getting the error . I reinstalled the game . i refered to others comments but nothing works . why? i can't use the downloadable client anymore. I played with this starting from it's release . now i have to play with mozilla or chrome which lags . Pls give me a solution

I uninstalled the whole game even in appdata and also program files but not working. If it launches in the middle of a match the same error comes and it won't load after

Reboot your modem and see if that works. This fatal error is the result of connectivity problems.

Error #2032 means no internet connection. Try using VPN