Stuck at my rank

army142 4 years ago updated by SHOAIB.ZAFAR 4 years ago 1

Okay,all I want to say now is that.......I'm broke.No,really.All I have now is 161 crystals!And whenever I have enough crystals,say,1000 or somewhat,all those crystals go waste,'cause I spend all of them in upgrading stuff,buying health kit and whatnot.And whenever a gold box will be dropped,I never even get it!Believe me,in all my lifetime (in tanki) I just scored ONE GOLD BOX!So,if you can give me tips how to get more crystals,that would be really helpful.


Check out the Mid Ranker's Handbook series. They are really helpful for players who are stuck at mid ranks.

The Mid Ranker's Handbook: Gameplay

The Mid Ranker's Handbook: All About Crystals

The Mid Ranker's Handbook: Product Kits

The Mid Ranker's Handbook: Balance Update

Good luck!