What is a Banner Code, how do I use it?

henrythegr8th 6 years ago updated by MSI 3 years ago 8
In the TO forum many people use banner codes. How do I get mine, and how do i make it work?
Click the HTML option, paste the banner code and click HTML again. You will see the banner code.

hello my name is Animal-Gamez! i was wandering what the ban code is because people keep on cussing in the chat on tanki. i would like this code so i dont have to hear this harsh talking is that okay with you let me know in the comments section down below. do not forget to leave a like and a vote. and tell me do you like my chatting? :Animal-Gamez :D

friend me my name is animalgames


You can just use the ignore option to mute player, e.g. "/ignore nickname" or you can report the violator. Here is how to do that: How to report a violator?

hellow my name is temuri tabatadze and my tank banned O.Y.F.A plese someone halp me and his pass is JOKERI and plese  halp add my account

If your account has been suspended then the help desk is the last hope of receiving back your account. Fill in this form with as much details as possible and wait for a reply.