My account blocked for third party software

Mount_Railgun 6 years ago updated by Adab (Moderator) 2 years ago 14
Um hi my high account Deathray65 has been banned from chat for 4000 hours for some reason i didnt spam and my account has been blocked for "third party software" i know i have not broken the rules on my high acc is some one hacking me?
thanks you mods really put effort in ur work to help us tankers

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And I know I have not hacked in this game not even once but it did say my acc was blocked for a hacking attempt but it wouldnt be me so maybe so one hacked my acc cause sometimes it sayed server error

same my account hasbeen vblocked name omni708 and it was for third party software and i know i did nothing my enemy siad he would get banned name:deep rage and i did nothing plz unblock my acc and how long will it be banned for plz tell me my acc name :omni708

Please contact our tech support. They will be more than glad to help you.
How to write to TechSupport?


I have a account its name is skeleton368 I was hacking and I was so excited because that was my first time and I only hacked in parkour battle can tell me what should I do plzz help me????


and I blocked they said hacking attempt using  third party software to gain an advantage in the game what should I do?


You do realize that hacking is against Game rules, which leads to account block?

It's not allowed to use hacks in any battle.

Use this form to contact tech support but low chance they will unblock it, since you did it yourself.


hey guys. my  accaunt ,,dachidarchiashvili'' was ban it had lag and i do not know why ban me admyn pls say me how to cancle this hack

Hi Mods, 

My account named Thousand got banned for using third party software and hacking. I am not really sure what is this all about or if someone hacked into my account and used any software. I didn't even play tanki for last couple of days and it was working fine but now I got back saw this which is very sad because I spent money on it. Even though nobody knew the password to my account, I would say that the password could be easily guessed and I was going to change it soon. I hope you understand how bad it is to spend money and lose an account. I would really love my account back and I will make sure too set a strong password.


my friend's account has been banned but he doesn't know why , could u help his nick is called 



Contact Ostrica or M4jH0L-AFG via PM on the forum to know more about a ban.

Plz ubanned my accout Name YT_Gamer_666 plz i will not Hack plz unbanned me ;(

If your account has been blocked and you think it was a mistake, please contact Tech Support using this form.

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