how much damage does M0. M1, M2, M3, & M4 isida, freeze, firebird, & vulcan inflict for every unit of time in which the gun turrret will inlfict upon damage?

superdupersaiyangoku 5 years ago updated by wow 4 years ago 10

I asked this question for two reasons. one because the damage for these gun turrets show or displayed in the garage is quite different for what the gun turrets actually inflict in the game for each unit of time they inflict upon damage which is every 0.25 of a second. the second reason is because I asked I question similar to this and searched every on this site to find the question similar to this one that I submitted but didn't find it.

I'm well aware that they stronger the tank is the less damage the gun turrets will inflict. in ur answer please include the lowest & highest amount of damage for each modification.

just forget i even asked u this question. it's taking to long for u guys that give me the answer. obviously the information that RECHANGED_RAY sent to me for the gun turrets isida, vulcan, freeze, & firebird are incorrect because they do not inflict the amount displayed in the garage or wiki, in the game. ur not fooling anybody. every has better sense than that.

what's up with the fact that the damage displayed in the garage is different from the one in the wiki. u guys really need to get ur life toagther.

The highest and lowest damage of a turret depends on it's modification and the damage range of the turret as damage varies to ranges. You may refer the game's encyclopedia or Tanki Wiki.

The link for the specific topic is http://en.tankiwiki.com/Turrets . More details can be found out at it's main article.

this information u gave me does answer my question in anyway. it indeed made no sense to send me this link because i need to minimum and maximum damage for those gun turret for each modification in number.

person u information is incorrect because when i'm in battle laying with those gun turret they do not inflict the amount of damage displayed in the garage.

this didn't help because i need to know the actually amount of damage for each gun turret and whatever the amount of damage it inflicts. i need a number. ur information is invalid to my question. and ur not telling me anything new regarding the statement that u made when u said the damage depends on the modification. i know that, that is exactly why i mensioned the modifcation in my question.



The amount of damage changes as per mechanism of the turret. Such as, if you go a little far from target and use freeze will damage the target lightly and the number showed in battle will be less but if you are using freeze and targeting your enemy when you are much near, it may cause more damage which may reach it's maximum damage. And the indication shown in battle is damage by shot.