i have bought high pressure pump for freeze and it has no extra range!

ReIentIess 5 years ago updated by Sia 4 years ago 10

i bort high pressure pump for freeze turret, equipped it but it does not have the extra range advertised.......any ideas?

Hi guys, sry for this thread, i want to put in a bug report but dont know where to do it. But if there any help it greatly appreciated.

Hi there!
Are you sure you have equipped the alteration? Can you show a screenshot of your turret's description in the garage?

Also, if you test a normal Freeze and one with alteration equipped together, you'll see the difference.

Hi, ive tried it in battle against other freezes and isida, it only causes damage when its within the range of those other turrets. The cone angle is definately narrower but that is the only diference i can see.

Hi SadSack,

By equipping alteration "High pressure pump" max range of damage will increase. "

Deal damage and freeze targets within further range. Cone angle can make it harder to attack targets on a different level of elevation."

It means the range of freeze's max damage suppose if opponent is standing right before the freeze and freeze starts to damage it. The damage caused by freeze will be the maximum damage as it's in range of it's maximum damage. By the alteration, The range of damage will increase to 100 percent it means 2x of it's normal max damage range.

For example,

you are a freeze, and your max damage range is 1 meter is and your max damage is 500 and it will slightly decrease if it's moving out of range . Then by this alteration, the range of max damage will be 2 (1m) that is 2 m and the max damage will remain 500 upto range of 2 meters and then it will show slight decrease if it's moving away from the range of max damage.

Hope the above solution helps.

Hi, so are you saying that the range itself has not increased?

Yes, I am saying the range isn't increasing here but the range of max damage is increasing

Recharged, ok thankyou for the info, seems i read it wrong. But to be honest when i use it seems to be better without it than with, maybe i shud do a vid, last night the tanks i hit with it didnt slow down at all.

Ok update, ive just tried it in battle, with and without against the same player and there is no difference in damage........at all, just narrower beam, wish i aint botheref with it now...............

if it's a narrower beam, than the range should be extended. As a request, I want a screen shot of you playing with it and without it.