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Hello, some players just find more fun in spoiling the game by pushing or blocking their team mates, is there any way to block or report them?

very please return my acc gnom-10 as i didn't break any rules
Piktograma „Patvirtinta bendruomenės“good

If you have been blocked but you think you didn't break any rule, please contact Technical Support using this form.

More information


I really want you to return acc

Piktograma „Patvirtinta bendruomenės“

Sadly, that's not something we deal with, you need to contact Technical Support for that.

sir tanki system is not nice sir 

how many times i submittted the for to tanki suport they r saying not correct info am i mad to give wrong info and lose my acc 

y r they playing with me my lovely acc cheating

and let me know y am i banned

and show me evidence

Hey, unfortunately, you (still) need to contact them about it as they are the only ones who deal with such things. Good day!

sir first i want to know y it is banned what is the reason

can i get help in that

Sadly, only they (Technical Support) can let you know about it; please reach them about it.

Здравствуйте, 7 лет назад в новый год меня забанили в чате за то шо я матерился, понимаю сам дурак мелкий был, давайте вы меня простите и разбаните, а то очень хочется пообщаться с теми кто еще играет .

Здравствуйте! Я получил бан на аккаунте за нецензурный ник, но можем ли мы её как-то разбанить и поменять ник? На этом аккаунте довольно много ценного и я не хочу ее терять.

ник: qunem_tunt

Hello Tanki Designers,
I would like to submit for your consideration that Firebird has become too weak on the battlefield.
Of course you will have the statistics to refute or confirm, but I observe two things as I play an hour plus everyday for several years now. First, new Overdrives and other modifications seem to have made ranged weapons stronger, as compared to proximity weapons like Firebird, Isida and Freeze. Second, many hulls and augmentations now seem to shrug off my flame attacks. Admittedly I am biased, because I am a dedicated Firebird user, but I remember fondly when flames struck fear across the battlefield. Now, even though I am Mk7-11, enemies seem to shrug off my attacks.
Thank you for Tanki, and thank you for considering my observations. I think Tanki will be even more fun if Firebird has a significant tactical impact once again.

2pac181 Your account has been suspended due to game rules abuse if you are Sure  that we were wrong- please write to help@tankionline,com

My dear Admins I have a problem in my acc i want to do an RTL in this acc but he Suspendet i Dont know why please anoser me :)

Hey! Sad to hear that, if you think your account was blocked by mistake, please contact Tech Support about it. using this form.

More info.


My dear Admins  I want to solve the problem of my account is closed for a full year. With my best wishes to you all the staff, without a doubt, Tanki game, the best game. Thank you and special thanks to Russia, the country producing this game, and every year, you are fine and thank you   My Name  2pac181

Hi, thanks for your wishes! We're sorry to hear that, please contact Tech Support using this form about it.

More info.

my account has been stolen idon’t know the reason, and if I’m wrong, I am proud of all the staff. Please accept my condolences. This is my dear account and I am proud of my behavior. 


my acc have been blocked and  the problem is i cannot change my name becuase i dont have money and this is my proof

Hey! Please fill out this form here.

If you are banned from the game's chats, please contact a Chat Administrator via Forum PM. Good luck!


How can I use a flash client?

can staff member tell me yesterday i open a ultra container but the game have crash .i did't know i receive what rewards



If you can't find any new items credited to your account after opening it please reach out to help@tankionline.com with the approximate time you opened it.

Best regards,


hello this is help@tankionline.com are you kidding me?


Sorry for the confusion, please use the form HERE to reach out to tech support about your container issue.

Best regards,


Мой аккаунт забанен за ник psina,я донатил туда 530 рублей,прошу,измените ник или разбаньте.

Разблокируйте мой аккаунт dolbauop и как поменять ник

Здраствуйте мой аккаунт ARTM25-16 заблокировали но непонятно по какой причине разблокируйте это мой мульт для игры с друзьями малышами прошу разблокировать я на нём не играю по той причине что забыл пароль а сейчас вспомнил разблокируйте пожалуйста

Здраствуйте мой аккаунт TaHKucT-94 заблокировали но непонятно по какой причине разблокируйте это мой главний акаунт для игры с друзьями  прошу разблокировать я на нём не играю по той причине что забыл пароль а сейчас вспомнил разблокируйте пожалуйста

I have tanks online as something newer as on that screenshot and even after downloading the game I go into battle and there is no damage

Hi, please restart the game or check your internet connection.

I want to tell you that I am facing some problem that when I play the game the screen become blur and it starts lagging or when I go to setting and increase resolution it starts so much lagging so I cant play the game so please notice my complain thankyou.

Hey, that's embarrassing. Could you please provide your PC specifications? Is the computer's display or video card an old one? Maybe you should check your graphics/display settings.

Добрый день, мой аккаунт Kegp_T-64A заблокирован по непонятной причине, можете объяснить по какой? Просьба разблокировать.

Добрый день, мой аккаунт


заблокирован по непонятной причине, можете объяснить по какой? Просьба разблокировать.

السلام عليكم . انا العب العبه لي 6 سنين . ول كل سنتين حساب يتبند ولا اعرف ليه . وا هاذا الحساب تم حظره له 1سنه . اريد طريقه لفك الحظر ارجوك :(

Hi, please contact a Chat Administrator via forum PM if you are banned from the chat.

Здраствуйте,меня заблокировали,я догадываюсь почему,причина я купил новый телефон,и система не распознала новое устройство.

Hello dear developers, my account has been hacked and it has been blocked for 2 years already, and I made a mistake about it, you can unban the account, the password is from the account, the worker, well, when I go in, it says that it is banned


I have been banned for using 3rd party apps let me explain that i did not hack i cannot download the new html5 client on my pc so i used bluestacks instead which is a 3rd party software and i downloaded tanki online and i was going to purchase coins but i cancelled it and bluestacks used a 3rd party payment proccesor and then i got banned i did not use any app to hack tanki online i will not use bluestacks any more i am so upset i got banned for just using bluestacks to play please unban me i am a legit player PLEASE UNBAN ME


Hey, that's weird. However, there is no need to explain here, please contact Technical Support. You will get a fair answer from them, hopefully.

Umm hello mods its been 2 days since i purchased 820 tankoins... i havent got them in my account but 8 bucks were deducted from my bank account.. please do something about this..

Kind Regards,


Hey, please contact Tech Support as directed in this article.

здраствуйте мне дали бан за просто так на аккаунт matveika по причине попытка взлома использование стороних программ для получения преимущества в игре

Здравствуйте, дорогие разработчики! Мой игровой аккаунт был заблокирован без причины, прошу Вас меня разблокировать...

Varat lūdzu atbloķēt manu kontu tanki online nikneims ; asd132 es apsolu ka izmainīšos (

меня заблокировали просто так ник: LuWar прошу пересмотрите и розблокируйте мне не написали даже за что пожалуйста разблокируйте чем по бистрей потомучто я хотел прости боевой пропуст( я специальное его купил я хотел скин контейнер :( и откритие хотел делать 50 контейнеров прошу розбаньте

I was blocked just like that nickname: LuWar please reconsider and unblock I did not even write for what please unblock than by bistray because I wanted to forgive the battle pass (I bought a special one, I wanted a skin container :( and I wanted to open 50 containers, please unblock

Hi, please contact Technical Support as directed in this article.


why  my account is blocked?

what is the reaso?

my legend account

Hey, please write to Technical Support as directed in this article about it.

hello everyone my account tocksi3 have baned 686 hour but i dont know why. i dont play this game last 4 day. pls help me and say why i have ban  that many time or who baned.

Hello, if your account was banned from the chat, please contact a Chat Administrator via private message on the English forum. Otherwise, if your account was blocked, please contact Technical Support as directed in this article.

Здравствуйте дорогие разработчики ! Мой аккаунт сегодня заблокировали ! 
Ник: 447050541OK
Пересмотрите пожалуйста и разблокируйте, мне даже не написали причину блокировки аккаунта...

чел у меня тоже самое... :( и -50 контов и боевой пропуск и скин контейнер я почти его прошел я хотел открытие делать(

I was blocked I just like that nickname: LuWar please reconsider an unblock I did not even write for what please unblock than by bistray because I wanted to forgive the battle pass I bought a special one, I wanted a skin container :( and I wanted to open 50 containers, please unblock

Please find my answer to your issue above here.

why i hav that many time ban? or who baned me?

Please find my answer to your issue above here. You have to send a private message to a Chat Administrator on the English forum about it.

It is here. Click the link or simply scroll above to find it.

Hello dear developers! My account was blocked today!

Nickname: 447050541OK

Please review and unblock, they did not even write to me the reason for blocking the account ...

Howdy, please contact Technical Support as directed in this article about it.

разробочики что надо делать сли не доступен чат

I reached 2nd planet on tanki space and it gave me 5 ultra containers, 5k crystalls, 100 or 200 tankoins (can't remember) and supplies. I have not recieved them yet whereas when i reached 1st planet, i got my rewards in seconds

Hey, please restart the game and check again or wait for the game's servers to restart (happens daily at 2 UTC) and check again. If you can't find the reward in your account, please contact technical support.

как  можно снять чата  бан раньше  времени  его назначения , так как не могу припомнить где его получил 


мне заблакирвали уже болше месица я пастаяна донатирвал и что самое абидное что я играю 11 лет и мне взяли адин прикрасни ден заблакирвали канешна ето не очен радостна из за какоит ребонка катори жалвалса катори незнает что такои донат етот игра мне очен раднои пажалста разблакируите миня через миня многие начили играт ету игру и вот ето атнашение камне очен груба кагда ти денги влаживаеш столка лет и проста вазмут и тибя закривают навсегда очен абидна 


Magnum needs maintenance, a lot of players suffer from it does not cause damage, especially in the long distance

Block my tanki online account. I don't want to play. My nickname is volfra.   Its legend 12 but i want to block my account if possible

Hello dear admins/mods, I have an question.
I want to take some photos in a private match for my friend's birthday using the fake spectator mode but i guess it doesnt work so I tried linking my account to  steam so i can use the flash version of the game so maybe there the fake spectator could work but it's just a log in button and not something like *already signed in*... 
Could you find me a solution as quick as possible if  u see this today?


You can't link your existing Tanki account to Steam Tanki, you need to create a new Tanki account there (if you don't already have one there). I personally suggest you to rent a spectator to take the photos.

Have a sweet day! :)