Daily missions

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What will the the estimated amount of crystals you get for each mission completed.

How many missions will we get a day and how long will we get to complete them.


It will be one mission per day, and your reward will be dependent upon your rank.
Ok thnks i cat wait till misiions come out

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It will be one mission per day, and your reward will be dependent upon your rank.
i want to know know more info

So, where can we find information of our daily mission? Can you pls kindly send me the link of it?
We don't have an official article related to daily missions yet, so a huge part of if will remain unknown until there is one.
Isn't there 3 missions per day??
Yeah? Where do you find the missions?
yeah i am wondering that as well. where do u get missions? or or they not out yet?
yes where is the missions i get reward for free
I have many tanks(accounts/MAJOR GENERAL down to MASTER SGT ...) with which I don't play every one of them every day and couldn't possibly complete a mission per day for all combos of tanks. I rely on daily gifts and enjoy the cache I have built up. I of course don't know the details of daily missions so I won't be + nor - about them. But I do have my concerns.
when daily missions will in the game

when r they gonna be in the game ? specific date ?

3 misions at day special misions are kill 9999 temes or get 99 999 exp than you get hornet xt or railgun xt

thats awesome u get hornet XT if u kill 9999 tanks or whatever
To get the hornet xt and railgun xt do you have to do the missions in one day and do they replace your normal railgun and hornet?
You don't have to complete the mission in one day. You'll be given as much time as you need.
The XT equipment will not replace the normal Hornet and Railgun. The players who complete the super missions will have both "normal" equipment and the XT.
Is there a specific mission for the 9,999 kills and the 99,999 exp, or it is just a total over time and it is not listed as a mission?
It will be listed in missions, but you have to be extremely lucky to get is as the chances are pretty low.
Ok, thanks, but you get as much time as you want, correct?
i don't have any missions i did mine yesterday and now i don't have any

that's not possible...
u posted your comment 6 hours ago (before the server update), so there wouldn't be a refresh on the daily missions
Well, how do we earn a double crystal card? just wondering
hey lovely friends how is the new update ........
i mean mission .. i think it is better than daily reward ...right
tell me ..any way i love these missions ... tanki online plz give me more missions plz

How are missions made? Are they always random?

how do we DUMP missions? Just not do them at all? Not change them, but just get rid of them?

I keep getting missions that are like, "Kill 100 enemies for a repair box and 5 speed boxes". I don't have any interest in doing that mission. Not now. Not tomorrow. Not ever. How do I just say, "Cancel this mission for today and give me a different mission tomorrow"?

Note, clicking "change" is NOT an answer, since you're likely to get a mission like, "kill 50 enemies on a map you don't want to play for 2 double damage and a speed box". So, "changing" one bad mission for another bad mission is not the answer - especially when you start getting charged crystals for it.

I'm pretty sure pressing change is the only to get rid of a mission

(besides doing it of course)

how to get rewards like premium etc..

i just keep getting rewards like supplies, crystals..

but i just want rewards that are premium for three hours

Missions are random. Whether or not you get premium mission is up to the computer's random process.

Don't worry though. Chances are you will get a premium mission sometime soon. They are no where near as rare as XT missions.

Where do we go to do the missions!

You have to just go in a battle to complete them.

I am completing daily missions but my chain bar is not filling what should I do?

It will be one mission per day, and your reward will be dependent upon your rank

what will we get if we do 50 kills prer day??

Why you all wont keep events for lower ranks?

My daily missions dont work.

How do I fix that?

Make sure you're completing the missions in normal battles, not PRO ones. To enter normal battles just press the "Battle" button on top of the screen and choose any of the modes you have missions on or any you like.