Tanki in Windows phone ?

back_XXX 6 years ago updated by SHOAIB.ZAFAR 5 years ago 6
As you know guys, TO is coming to SmartPhones (iOS and Android confirmed), but the question stills will it be out on Windows phone ? As we know WP 10 is coming soon in 2015... But will Tanki be supported in ?
It's too early to discuss this. New version of Tanki is planned on iOS and Android devices, but we haven't researched the possibilities of entering Windows Phones yet.

plz fix lagg in tanki online there is always lagging

Mean We Can Play In Mobile?

I have heard that tankionline can play in android. I can't believe it but it actually it works.when I tried on windows phone it didn't work.I want to know why it works on Windows phone. Every time when I try to log in it says that I don't have flash player,u need flash player 10 ar higher level.I can only play in laptop with flash player 18 sa. We want to play tankionline in our windows phone.so please Make an application for windows phone /set a system to play.

Install Puffin browser and run the game on it.