What is this lag or my RAM problem

gowipe_coc 5 years ago updated by SHOAIB.ZAFAR 5 years ago 13

hello, i wanted to ask that after this new update when i m playing i m having alot problem in controlling the hull n turrnet i turn it a bit left or right it turns 360 degree what is this lag or my RAM problem? My RAM is 3.60GB


What FPS rate and PING do you get while playing?

Sir my FPS rate above 25 and PING 234 max reaches 500 n very very rare tht 999


Please share your system specifications? Do they meat the System Requirements ?

Sir please u check n tell i hv no idea n i downloaded tanki client to check wether it solves problem in it or not but thatt does'nt open n sir before this new update came i use to play o this system requirment

sir yes when i play this error also comes again n again n sir before 2 week of this new update i played lastly n left as because of exam n when back i m encountering problems as mentioned u before

sir i have 2 accounts gowipe_coc n sparky0346


Follow the procedure below.

  1. Uninstall the game client.
  2. Go to: %APPDATA%/../Roaming/TankiOnline
  3. Delete "Local Store" folder.
  4. Download the latest version of game client from here and install it.

K Sir but from where i should delete local store folder and i visited your link which u gave but it google search n i opened some topic but did'nt understand what to do


Paste this address in Windows Explorer's address bar. %APPDATA%/../Roaming/TankiOnline

Sir i downloaded the client again from your given link n still same problem

Sir i use Mozrilla Firefox not window explorer

Sir i have solve the problem thank you for your help