i can't enter the game. after i click the play button then it start a endless loading form last 3 days

DevilDV 5 years ago updated by Adab (Moderator) 1 year ago 8

some times it says server mantaines or just starts a endless loading......pleazz help

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Hi, Sometimes the servers are unavalibe due to maintinence but its likely that your cache files are corrupted, try clearing your cache: http://help.tankionline.com/topics/2329-how-to-clear-your-browsers-cache/

Hello, there are some problems playing with FireFox right now. Please play with TO Game client, which can be downloaded from our TO Website. Tanki Online. Also, try to play with Chrome/Standalone/ TO GAME CLIENT. Best of luck! ;)

i have cleared cache files and also tried using in chrome and explorer too but noting happend

Does the computer you are using have any parental/admin limitations? If so that could be the problem.

thanx guys but i think maintinence is over and now game is updated and running well


When I try to play the game, it just shows the gray background and it never loads. I then tried to access the game from the Miniclip website, but after I completed the tutorial it just restarted the tutorial. Also, when I press skip tutorial, it just restarts the tutorial.