How can I get more crystals?

ciff222 6 years ago updated by Pooky 1 year ago 17
I don't have very much crystals to buy a score multiplayer  pas .How can I get more crystals?
It's not just crystals to get more of them you can..
1. get gold box
2. buy crystals with real money
3. invite friends to battles
4. earn crystals in battles
You can play in the battles or buy crystals.
Just keep playing and soon  you will have a large sum of crystals ;)
You can also get them through, refferals, gold boxes, daily reward and rank-ups
Beside battle fund, gold boxes, rank-ups, rank-ups and purchases of your refferals, daily rewards and your own purchases of crystal you can also obtain them in various competitions like "Video of the Week" and other actions organized by devs.
play more battles and get more XP points. ask your friends to help you. so you can level up and get crystals.
Suggested ways to get more crystals.
  • When ever you join a battle make sure the team you are joining will win the battle.
  • When in a battle play till it ends to get your share of battle fund.(If your team is loosing then its not necessary to play whole battle.)
  • You can also get them as a daily gift.
  • You can also buy them.
  • Take parts in contests.
  • You can also get them if you invite some to play Tanki online and he agrees.(Referrals).
  • You can also get them by catching gold boxes.
  • Play battles with more time limit.e.g.60 minute battle  .
  • Whenever you will rank up you will also get crystals.
you can playin with a good team or friends and won the games and get crystal from " battle fund " 
or you can buy crystal in " Buy " with card " double crystal " )) .
They are 3 (Three) Ways to get crystals without disobeying the rules of the game:

a) Playing in battles
b) Buying crystals
c) Sharing the game to friends using the link found on tanki.....Picture=

there are many ways to earn crystals 1- buy them 2- earn in battles 3- invite friends
try play hare at battles and u will save more crystals
Good luck
The only ways to take crystals are:
1.To pay with real money,with paypal,etc.To buy crystals click there that it says "+ buy" and chose the way that you want to pay.
2.To play tanki very οften and play in battles that they sure have big battle fund.
3.Another way to take crystals is to invite friends in the game by e-mail.To do that you must click the human with the cross near the gear.After you do that you must click the "invite by email".Write your friends email and when your friend come to the game only from the email you will receive some crystals

You cannot buy score multiplier pass anymore.

1. Buy Premium

2. Buy crystals

3. Participate in contests which you can find in the Tanki Online Newspaper

4. Earn them in battles

5. Collect Gold boxes

Hope that helped you and good luck :)


1)The easiest in game way without spending money is to simply do your daily challenges and collect the rewards and containers that come with them.

2)If you have a large amount of supplies, and have a low skill set,  you can use them to take the first place with ease.(though this option angers most tankers)