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First of all, there were problems with payment methods etc for this weekend. Secondly, if gift cards are not present there later today, then we players don't know if, and when, they will be available as payment method. If you can see them available later today, then consider the problem to be the payments issue for this weekend ;)


There are some expected issues with payment options. Gift cards will take approximately 2 weeks to return. They will be back though.


The issue is expected to resolve in a week. Some delay is possible though.

why is it still not back its been more than 2 weeks!!!\


It seems the issue is more complicated as it was thought to be. The technical team is already working on fixing it. Though there is no definitive date when it will be fixed. Sorry for the inconvenince caused.

bro i bought a target gift card because i can't use a real card. Please get this working. Thank you

Once you picked your choice of goods, as a payment option, please choose "Walmart, Target etc" it should look something like this:

 From there, choose your brand of gift card (in this case Target) fillout all the need info.