Invite Code for Test Server

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Hi ! How to get an invite code for Tanki Online Test Server ?


The test servers are only open for mass testing when a huge player base is needed to test an update. Though otherwise testing is help privately only for Testers to take part in, this is why you were prompted to give an invite code, as only official Testers have it. To apply you must speak fluent Russian among other things, and may fill out the application here: Application.


can u tell me invite code plz i beg i wont tell no one plz i want to play maxed lvl acc


Only official testers have it. No one else.

hey Shoaib Zafar the application is not acessible


Make the test servers without invite codes!You get money after all


Testservers have nothing to do with the normal servers. Invite codes are only given to testers, you can enter the testservers during mass testings. Just keep your eyes on the news.


I did the aplication and i didit get the code


It does not work like that. Once you finished the application, the administrator of the testers group will review all applications sent by players. Moreover, once your application has been read, it is the administrator's decision to approve or decline your application.

If you get accepted, you will receive a forum PM from the Russian forum. With that, they will contact you and give you such permissions to be a tester.


Only official testers have the test code. As mentioned above you can either apply for the "tester" position or wait till mass testing is open.


how to code test tanki online


Testserver codes are only known by developers and testers. You can either apply for tester positions on the Russian forum and wait for a reply (Make sure to read the application rules first!) or just wait till the servers get opened for mass testings.


what is the invite code in test tanki 2018


i need to invite code test server


Testserver codes are only known by developers and testers.


someone tell me invite code!!!

Testserver codes are only known by developers and testers.

what is a code for the tes.tanki onlne

Hi there! Test server passcodes (invite codes) are only provided to its official Testers.

i was just playing tanki online test server without code 

how ???

Hey, that's because the Test servers were open for public, in other words, it was available for mass-testing, where an invite code is not needed.

Please read more about Test Servers here. :)


Hey, Test Server invite codes are only provided to its official Testers. If you are interested to play there, you can when they are open for mass testing. 

please give me the invite code 2020

Test server codes are not given out except to the official Testers group, sorry. Please try to use the test server only when there is an open testing for mass audiences.

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