How do I drop a flag in CTF for other players in team?

383sl 6 years ago updated by ido-ME 5 years ago 12
You press 'f'. Remember to do it when no enemies are around.
All you need to do is press 'F' button but at that time be careful of your surroundings.
Press F.  Tip for dropping flag. Capturing a lot of flags yourself is good, but it would be nice to give the flag to someone else when your about to capture. This will gain your relationship in Tanki. 

Thanks to all who answered, great help.
Press 'F' to drop the flags when in low health.
When a tanker of your team is near you and you have low life and they are many enemies you can press the button ''F'' and you will drop the flag.That gets only in CTF.(offcource because the others doesn't have flag)

press F then you. Drop the flag Don't drop flag when enemies are around!!!!

Good Luc