I can't switch between team and public chat.

daninjadude 5 years ago updated by Sia 4 years ago 10

For a while now, I've been having issues with the chat. I can't switch between team/public chat with the tab button, so on team games I'm permanently stuck on team chat. Additionally, I usually can't use Enter to open the chat; the only time I can chat is when I get lucky about 10% of the time. I recently updated Firefox, which may have caused the problem. This does not happen on Chrome, nor does it happen on my other computer which has another version of Firefox.

Anyone have any ideas?

I'm using Firefox 49 on Ubuntu, maybe someone can reproduce this?

Sadly, it doesn't work. I even went into the ~/.macromedia folder on my system and cleared all the shared objects from there. It's weird, though. When I go to the settings site (since I'm on Firefox, I get the glitch where the settings dialog is unclickable and I thus need to use the macromedia site) and set my site data to 0KB, I don't get a message the next time I log into Tanki.

Just to be clear, both my Tab and Enter buttons work fine.


Bro, download the new TankiOnline game client from the mainpage of TO, and play using that. It might work fine. Please post here, after you have done that. :) Good Luck! :)

I wish I could. Like I said, I'm using Ubuntu, and there isn't a Linux release yet AFAIK. I can't get standalone flash player to work either.

You use "Tab" Key Right?

Hmm. Can you use another browser? Also, is the rest of the game working perfectly? If yes then lag can't be blamed either.

This really is a complicated issue, it might or might not have to do with the browser. Might be a browser bug. Can you shift to the version of Firefox you used before, or the one you have on your other computer?


Try the standalone flash player for Linux. Tell me what problem occurs with it.


Try with on-screen keyboard and tell me if it works.