The game won't open any longer ?

shehabo 6 years ago updated by SHOAIB.ZAFAR 5 years ago 2
Hi everyone,

I opened the game this morning without any problems but now (12 hours later) it won't respond. Like, I'd open my Firefox browser (With TO as my home page) and it keeps saying connecting until it says "Problem loading the page" It even don't show the green loading bar. (This also happens with the homepage and the forum).

I tried Opera using Opera Turbo and the green loading bar appeared and kept going but before it reached the end I got (Cannot establish connection (host:,ports: 4444,5190,5223,5222,5050). (Treid refreshing the page a thousand time but with no use).

This has happened to my cousin too (who's using his own internet connection).

Is this a problem happening to me and my cousin because of where we live (In Yemen)? Or has our Internet Service Provider maybe blocked the game's website? (If any of the moderators can check from where he/she is, that'd be great).

Also, in order for me to file this complain I had to use an extenstion on Opera that's called dotvpn which connects me using a server on another country (I tried opening the game using it but I got the (Cannot establish connection) message.

PS: both my Anti-virus and Windows Firewall are down.

Thank you in advance.


Have you tried entering the game through Standalone Flash Player?