Please i cant capture flag.box..

jimboo0098 6 years ago updated by Scientist 5 years ago 4
hi plz help me:
I just can play the game in the first 10 seconds.After 10 seconds I cant capture box and flags and kill the enemy and damage to myself.
i can use chat and use my suplay.
Probably lag, see this for FPS. The self damage must be normal unless it's not Thunder, Ricochet, and Vulcan.
This is a common issue, you are not the only one here to face this kind of situation. After you join a battle, everything seems to be fine, but you can't capture CP/flag not boxes, and you also can't damage other tanks.
You must have to be destroyed once by any other tanker or by self-destructing

Further discussion about this problem can be found here.

Yes, probably lag, and if getting destroyed doesn't work, you can refresh your page, which always works for me