Begginers pass

um_y0ur_dead 5 years ago updated by wow 3 years ago 5

After the 2:00 o'clock update today my beginners pass disappeared.


Duration of Beginners Pass is one week only. After that, it removes from the garage.

More information about passes: http://en.tankiwiki.com/Passes

Beginner's Pass

While the Beginners Pass is active, the player will be getting 50% additional experience points and 100% additional crystals from every battle played. If you have Premium Account and Beginner's Pass at the same time, their bonuses add up, which means that the player receives 2 times more experience points and 3 times more crystals in every battle.

Duration: 3 weeks.

Please note that this pass doesn’t increase your score in team battles. It affects only experience.

Question: If the Beginners pass is only for a week, then why is mine still on? The expiry date says that it will end a week from now, but that doesn't make sense because I've played on Tanki for 2 weeks at most.


Beginners pass duration is 3 weeks not one week.

You can find more info here: Passes.