Server links for Standalone Flash Player

Indominux 5 years ago updated by Jansen1604 9 months ago 11

I want to know the server links for standalone flash player. The links in the wiki are not working.

I already searched Wiki, Help Site and Forum topics. None of the links work for me.

Still same thing. Server is unavailable as it is under maintenance.

Clear the flash player cache, update the standalone flash player from here, and try again.
How to clear my Flash Player cache?

Not working. Still same. I already have the latest one, but i downloaded again. But nothing works.


If the problem persists use a web browser { I recommend Mozilla Firefox }

Download the new Tanki online client from the Homepage and play. :)

i want help                 

i want to play in flash instead of html

Hey, sure! Please follow the link(s) placed in the solution of this Help Topic. Wishing you great time in the battlefield! :)

Hello Tankers,

Is it safe to download this

Hello Jansen!

Depends on what exactly you're talking about; assuming you're talking about the link in this comment above, it is a link in the official domain (tankionline.com) of Tanki, so it should be safe. :)