Server Connection Close

TheUltimateTroller 5 years ago updated by Sia 5 years ago 17

I have two accounts and the server connection closes only on my good account which is really damn annoying. I'm so mad.

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Have you tried clearing flash player cache? Additionally please give us some more info, when does this happen? Is your internet connection stable? Which web-browser are you sing?

I use firefox, I'm not sure if my internet is stable- I hqve cleared flash cache It happens almost every day.

1. Someone might be trying to enter your account at the same time or when it was already active.

2. Do not enter the same account using two different web browsers / tabs.

I have used different browsers but I only use one at a time

Might be the case of someone trying to enter you account just like IHasTapower mentioned, I also have personal experience with that. Try to change your password.

I changed my password- it still happens and and always die when I start the battle after the server connection fail. It is so annoying that I might just quit the game.

My father says the wifi is fine but it really isn't. Also, my fps has decreased to 12.

Please share your system specifications with us.

  • Press Windows button + R
  • Type "dxdiag" (without quotes)
  • Press "Yes" on the pop up notification.
  • Capture a screenshot and share it here.

Ok, but the screenshot will only show the server connection close and it won't help.

I mean screenshot of your PC specs.

Press that button and upload your screenshot here.

Are you sure your account isn't linked to Facebook? And you said your other account is working fine. Well, I'd suggest you to contact tech support for this matter.
Tech Support email: help@tankionline.com

Make sure you "Log Out" of your account before exiting a server.

I didn't save my password on either browser and I am not connected to facebook. How to log out?