What is the best browser to play tanki on?

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What is the best browser to play tanki on

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It is a widely held opinion that Mozilla Firefox is the best internet browser to play Tanki Online, but there is no definitive answer to your question.
I prefer to run the game in Standalone Flash Player - my fps is dramatically increased if I do this.


I agree with Contradiction, the devs claim Mozilla to be the best browser to play Tanki on, but it works suprisingly well with Google Chrome and Maxthon Nitro. Though, if FPS is your only aim, go for Standalone Flash Player -

Using Standalone Flash Player

Google Chrome loads very well, try tanki with Chrome

all play google, mozila firefox, opera, flash player, amigo and puffin web browser but best only puffin web browser for play all game and all apps work on only puffin web browser tankiolnine best on puffin we browser and thanks for looking my answer

I can't play in browser, it makes many people dizzy. And the player is freezing quite often...and I tried all the possible settings on the planet. For me, there's no way to make it work.