Windows 10 problem

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Hello, sorry if my english is bad. Is not my first language. The image is from the spanish server, so i'm using this account to post my problem :).

I updated from windows 7 to windows 10. Before the update, i were playing in internet explorer, where i had +30 fps. Now i can't play in internet explorer, or Microsoft edge. Howewer,

I can play in mozilla Firefox, but i get low fps, like -20. It shows me this error, in Internet Explorer and Microsoft edge:

I searched some options in the forum, like Clearing browser cache, clearing flash player cache, and clearing shared objects. Also, i did 'How to troubleshoot a problem by perfoming a clean boot in windows'. None of them worked :(. I have updated flash player and java. I have turned on hardware acceleration. I don't want to come back to windows 7, as I really like windows 10. What can i do? Thanks in advance!

P.S: some people say that playing on standalone flash players helps, but it takes too long to load, also, in the wiki i don't find links to spanish servers, where i play :).


Very good, he helped me as he can.

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First make sure that your system supports Windows 10 OS. If it is compatible with your hardware, go to "Device Manager" and update all drivers, especially display drivers.

About standalone flash player, you can use the following links to access the game in Spanish language:

EN 1 http://tankionline.com/AlternativaLoader.swf?config=c57.tankionline.com/config.xml&resources=s.tankionline.com&lang=es&locale=es
EN 2 http://tankionline.com/AlternativaLoader.swf?config=c58.tankionline.com/config.xml&resources=s.tankionline.com&lang=es&locale=es
EN 3 http://tankionline.com/AlternativaLoader.swf?config=c59.tankionline.com/config.xml&resources=s.tankionline.com&lang=es&locale=es
EN 4 http://tankionline.com/AlternativaLoader.swf?config=c60.tankionline.com/config.xml&resources=s.tankionline.com&lang=es&locale=es
EN 5 http://tankionline.com/AlternativaLoader.swf?config=c61.tankionline.com/config.xml&resources=s.tankionline.com&lang=es&locale=es
EN 6 http://tankionline.com/AlternativaLoader.swf?config=c62.tankionline.com/config.xml&resources=s.tankionline.com&lang=es&locale=es
EN 7 http://tankionline.com/AlternativaLoader.swf?config=c63.tankionline.com/config.xml&resources=s.tankionline.com&lang=es&locale=es
EN 8 http://tankionline.com/AlternativaLoader.swf?config=c64.tankionline.com/config.xml&resources=s.tankionline.com&lang=es&locale=es
EN 9 http://tankionline.com/AlternativaLoader.swf?config=c65.tankionline.com/config.xml&resources=s.tankionline.com&lang=es&locale=es
EN 10 http://tankionline.com/AlternativaLoader.swf?config=c66.tankionline.com/config.xml&resources=s.tankionline.com&lang=es&locale=es

EN 11 http://tankionline.com/AlternativaLoader.swf?config=c67.tankionline.com/config.xml&resources=s.tankionline.com&lang=es&locale=es
RU 1 http://tankionline.com/AlternativaLoader.swf?config=c1.tankionline.com/config.xml&resources=s.tankionline.com&lang=es&locale=es
RU 2 http://tankionline.com/AlternativaLoader.swf?config=c2.tankionline.com/config.xml&resources=s.tankionline.com&lang=es&locale=es
RU 3 http://tankionline.com/AlternativaLoader.swf?config=c3.tankionline.com/config.xml&resources=s.tankionline.com&lang=es&locale=es

RU 4 http://tankionline.com/AlternativaLoader.swf?config=c4.tankionline.com/config.xml&resources=s.tankionline.com&lang=es&locale=es
RU 5 http://tankionline.com/AlternativaLoader.swf?config=c5.tankionline.com/config.xml&resources=s.tankionline.com&lang=es&locale=es
RU 6 http://tankionline.com/AlternativaLoader.swf?config=c6.tankionline.com/config.xml&resources=s.tankionline.com&lang=es&locale=es
RU 7 http://tankionline.com/AlternativaLoader.swf?config=c7.tankionline.com/config.xml&resources=s.tankionline.com&lang=es&locale=es
RU 8 http://tankionline.com/AlternativaLoader.swf?config=c8.tankionline.com/config.xml&resources=s.tankionline.com&lang=es&locale=es
RU 9 http://tankionline.com/AlternativaLoader.swf?config=9.tankionline.com/config.xml&resources=s.tankionline.com&lang=es&locale=es
RU 10 http://tankionline.com/AlternativaLoader.swf?config=c10.tankionline.com/config.xml&resources=s.tankionline.com&lang=es&locale=es
RU 11 http://tankionline.com/AlternativaLoader.swf?config=c11.tankionline.com/config.xml&resources=s.tankionline.com&lang=es&locale=es
RU 12 http://tankionline.com/AlternativaLoader.swf?config=c12.tankionline.com/config.xml&resources=s.tankionline.com&lang=es&locale=es
RU 13 http://tankionline.com/AlternativaLoader.swf?config=c13.tankionline.com/config.xml&resources=s.tankionline.com&lang=es&locale=es
RU 14 http://tankionline.com/AlternativaLoader.swf?config=c14.tankionline.com/config.xml&resources=s.tankionline.com&lang=es&locale=es
RU 15 http://tankionline.com/AlternativaLoader.swf?config=c15.tankionline.com/config.xml&resources=s.tankionline.com&lang=es&locale=es
RU 16 http://tankionline.com/AlternativaLoader.swf?config=c16.tankionline.com/config.xml&resources=s.tankionline.com&lang=es&locale=es
RU 17 http://tankionline.com/AlternativaLoader.swf?config=c17.tankionline.com/config.xml&resources=s.tankionline.com&lang=es&locale=es
RU 18 http://tankionline.com/AlternativaLoader.swf?config=c18.tankionline.com/config.xml&resources=s.tankionline.com&lang=es&locale=es
RU 19 http://tankionline.com/AlternativaLoader.swf?config=c19.tankionline.com/config.xml&resources=s.tankionline.com&lang=es&locale=es
RU 20 http://tankionline.com/AlternativaLoader.swf?config=c20.tankionline.com/config.xml&resources=s.tankionline.com&lang=es&locale=es
RU 21 http://tankionline.com/AlternativaLoader.swf?config=c21.tankionline.com/config.xml&resources=s.tankionline.com&lang=es&locale=es
RU 22 http://tankionline.com/AlternativaLoader.swf?config=c22.tankionline.com/config.xml&resources=s.tankionline.com&lang=es&locale=es
RU 23 http://tankionline.com/AlternativaLoader.swf?config=c23.tankionline.com/config.xml&resources=s.tankionline.com&lang=es&locale=es
RU 24 http://tankionline.com/AlternativaLoader.swf?config=c24.tankionline.com/config.xml&resources=s.tankionline.com&lang=es&locale=es
RU 25 http://tankionline.com/AlternativaLoader.swf?config=c25.tankionline.com/config.xml&resources=s.tankionline.com&lang=es&locale=es
RU 26 http://tankionline.com/AlternativaLoader.swf?config=c26.tankionline.com/config.xml&resources=s.tankionline.com&lang=es&locale=es
RU 27 http://tankionline.com/AlternativaLoader.swf?config=c27.tankionline.com/config.xml&resources=s.tankionline.com&lang=es&locale=es
RU 28 http://tankionline.com/AlternativaLoader.swf?config=c28.tankionline.com/config.xml&resources=s.tankionline.com&lang=es&locale=es
RU 29 http://tankionline.com/AlternativaLoader.swf?config=c29.tankionline.com/config.xml&resources=s.tankionline.com&lang=es&locale=es
DE 1 http://tankionline.com/AlternativaLoader.swf?config=c77.tankionline.com/config.xml&resources=s.tankionline.com&lang=es&locale=es
PL 1 http://tankionline.com/AlternativaLoader.swf?config=c81.tankionline.com/config.xml&resources=s.tankionline.com&lang=es&locale=es

My drivers are all updated, and those links aren't for spanish servers... They just change the language...

Please share a screenshot of the Device Manager.

I don't know what is happening, because i was able to play before i updated to windows 10 :(

All drivers seems to be updated. Have you tried Firefox browser? If not yet, give it a try.

Yes, i said that i can play on Firefox, but, the fps are so low, and the lag/ping is terrible, also in that browser, for some reason, i can't do damage or even move. That didn't happen before the update, i could play in internet explorer very good... Should i post it in Ideas and Suggestions to see if developers make a solution?

As you said you can play without any problem before the OS update, so the issue is at your end. I think your hardware is not compatible with the current version of operating system. Are you using a laptop PC? If so, please share the model number and I will confirm it for you.

I don't use laptop :p, just a normal computer, in a desk :)

This is dxdiag, it may help...

If you need something more, just tell me, i really wanna play again tanki :')

See I told you that your hardware is not compatible with Windows 10. Your system has Intel Pentium Dual Core processor and 2GB of RAM only. The Operating system consumes .5 to 1GB of RAM approximately and you are left with 1GB of free RAM to use. This will decrease the performance of your system. I'd recommend you to roll back to the previous operating system you were using as the current one is just a heavy load for your system resources.

What a bad luck, i would roll back, but a friend did that, from windows 10 to windows 7, and his computer were saying 'this copy of windows is not genuine', in a corner of the screen. And i don't know if that can happen to me and damage my computer :(

Open the Start menu and select Settings. Click the “Update & security” icon and select “Recovery.” You should see a “Go back to Windows 7” or “Go back to Windows 8.1” option. Click the Get started button to get rid of your Windows 10 install and restore your previous Windows install. If your previous version of OS was genuine, it should remain as it was.


Hello Friends,

My problem was The tanki online cannot support on windows 8.1 i am very much problem so plz help me guys 

my pc specs Pentium 4 d dual core 3.0GHZ and 2 gb ram or ati radeon xpress 200 series 128 mb used and 256 Aprox.Shared Max memory pls help me to find out this problem 

But i am using Windows xp sp3 but my old version operating system and i am change this os into windows 8.1 Sorry for the bad English 

and pls help me Guys What is the problem i have windows 8.1 Cannot support my tanki online THis messages tanki online give me Server not found Closed or cannot open tanki online pls  help me:)

I have the same problem as the reason for this forum, however I have a much more powerful hardware, my pc has 4gb of ram, 1GB of video memory, a xeon processor 4 cores and 4 threads at 2.40GHz, and windows 10 32bits. I play in google chrome.