Tanki x Spam???

asdfghjkl108 5 years ago updated by Flexoo 5 years ago 5


I got an email from tanki x and it looked legit and had a invitation code (I double checked and it did say invitation code). When I went to download the game it the laptop said there was a virus detected. I am wondering if I got a fake message from someone pretending to be tanki x.

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Please provide a screenshot of the email you received, and don't forget to hide the invitation code.

Also a thing to know is the email was mailed by mlsend2.com so I think it was a spam email

No, it's genuine. I don't know why you are getting malware detected from this site. Please try this one: http://static.tankix.com/tankixprod_StandaloneWindows.html

This is the confirmation e-mail I received:

If your mail has the same structure and more importantly comes from the official sender (noreply@tankix.com), then the download links should not contain any viruses.