Playing through the miniclip.com website

Agent-X-Cross 6 years ago updated by Scientist 5 years ago 2
I created my first profile that I was using from the begining (Nickname: Sparky363, Warrant officer 4 at the moment) through the www.miniclip.com gaming website. Each time I log on to miniclip.com all I'm required to do is enter my miniclip.com password and my email address which automatically took me into my Tanki account. However, when I log on to tankionline.com and enter the same email and password, I'm notified that my account does not exist on Tanki's website. How do I get this fixed? The option of adding an email address to that account is not visible in the settings of that account either. I had to create this new account on your website in order to gain access to your help feature to gain some assistance. Why can I only access that account from miniclip website and not tanki's website?
The way miniclip works is a bit different from the way our main servers work.
Have you tried messaging help@tankionline.com and asking to bound an email to your miniclip account? If they do so, you'll be able to set a new password and access your account on the main servers of the game.