Why dont i have all the things in the settings?

Gohan1310 6 years ago updated by Scientist 6 years ago 6
In my setting i have very few things and when i recently checked tnaki wiki settings of what i should have i am clearly missing alot. please help i want them
I get this link all the time i read it i dont understand i have met all the requirments exept gpu but other people have the good tanki graphics and dont know what im talking about. Is my computer just bad??
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same problem had beem with me

i am missing the automatic graphic quality but i have the latest adobe flash player
My computer is a lenovo and I have hp screen.
I had this same problem, I re-downloaded flashplayer and it worked. :)
It can also be a problem with your PC. If it was made several years ago, it may not support some of the game's newest updates.