How to fix that problem?

tanshin 5 years ago updated by Adab (Moderator) 6 months ago 21

How to fix it??

i try all thing i can-

clean history at my internet

and clean things at flash player..

pls help me this problem at my computer at last time...

(maybe a 2 mounth but tanki work sometimes..)





I recommend you to use Firefox or Standalone flash player.

i play just at chrome and at internet explorer this problem again..

and if i play at internet explorer*

i play 99% chrome

1% explorer


I recommend you to use Firefox or Standalone flash player.

i download now Firefox an tanki work! thanks you!

if this problem keep at Firefox i write that here.

im sorry. at first time i use tanki at Firefox-that work BUT

when i click on map-to joined battle,was a messege "re enter the game"

and after that problem back.

any ideas?

Cookies at Firfox are on ^ ...

I Delete Firefox now-same problem.

i need help! :/


Listen Tanshin, I think your internet connection is a bit slow, when you load a map the very first time, it takes some extra time to load cache(depends on your internet bandwidth). And if it is taking more than 5 minutes to load it's cache, well you'll be kicked out from the battle due to inactivity. Just try again 3-5 times. If it doesn't work, try the Standalone flash player, it is simple to use and requires less processing power.

well with my experience if i try 20 times it doesnt work..

that work maybe 22-3 at day..

if i download Standalone flash player i need to do something special

(delete my flash player or idk what.)?


You don't have do anything special, just download the standalone flash player, and run. Simple!

oh and that problem doesnt was all time..

idk to say when it started..

i download Standalone flah player now and same problem...


i think it becuse most phones at my house on the wi-fi connection.

am i right?


Most likely, disconnect all other devices and try again.

how to fix a problem in tanki online mobile servers are currently undergoing maintenance. The game will reload after maintance is finished.


Hey, if the game servers are undergoing maintenance, you must wait until it's over.

i downloaded Tankionline mobile but it just kicks me out. As soon as I finished the tutorial it just stopped without a word. I tried skipping the tutorial but as soon as I 

tapped battle it loaded on and on forever. Please help me !

What is the model of the phone you are using?

im using samsung galaxy j4 plus and its not working for mobile. Tankking12 said every single problem i had and i also finished tutorial and it keeps on going forever.

Hey, are you still experiencing the problem? Did you try re-installing the application, reopening it, or logging out and in to your account?