How do I propose new ideas to Tankionline

swede1 6 years ago updated by MarineMan2 6 years ago 10
english version does not have a section for ideas


You should goto the Tanki Forum page, Ideas & Suggestion. In this special area of the forum:

  • Create a topic which suggests new ideas
  • Help create new ideas in other topics inside that special area
  • Suggest alternatives to another idea
  • Improve other's ideas
Just to add; There are rules about the ideas, it can't be some compliant that suggests nothing.
The Russian version of Q&A has an idea section.
To post and idea go to Ideas & Suggestions but please make sure before you post anything Search for it in the Quick search box , or else it will be blocked. 

Good luck :) 
Link to Rules of Section; http://en.tankiforum.com/index.php?showtopic=212473