why wont it let me on the game?

Daws_The_Boss_tanker 5 years ago updated by GENERAL_H_A_M_Z_A_9 4 years ago 4

i try to go on and it says that the servers are under maintnence meanwhile it says there are over 50k players online i have tried reloading the page i have waited a long time to try again and it still wont let me on the game cause it says its under maintnence please fix this i want to play

i would really like someone to tell me how i can fix this i have tried everything i can think of please tell me if u have had this situation and what to do when it happens

Mine just won't go on. The bar just keeps going back to the middle.

That happens when you are having connectivity issues. Sometimes simply rebooting your router will solve your problem. If that doesn't help, follow the instructions provided in these topics to solve your issue.