Hello tanki ,,,i wanna report a problem with my account,,,in battles my tank is not able to take power boxes and not able to destroy any tank why is this happening ?Is this a bug ?

sage_panther 5 years ago updated by Adab (Moderator) 6 months ago 3

i was in a battle today

and there i my tank was not able to pickup the power boxes ,my tank tank just passes over them more over while was firing my tank is not able to deliver a single damage to any target ,,,it's like just firing at someone and as is all are immune to me,,,my friend who was in the battle with me asked me to hit him ,,,i started firing at him for 2 mins or so ,,,and he said his tanks health is not decreasing at all ,,,as if all are immune to me,,,what's wrong with my tank/account ?

A bug ?? or what ?

and how to fix it ?


That problem has many reasons. First you need to check your internet connection. If you don't have any problems with it - clean your cache.How to clear your browser’s cache you can read here <-click


i'm banned whit no resson

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