couldn't get gold box

RAG1NG 5 years ago updated by Sia 5 years ago 1

short story: I found the gold box drop site very quickly so I parked my Titan M1 over it.

I lagged as it was falling so instead of getting the gold box

, it simply went through my tank. "Henkske_Vanh" (the Hornet/Shaft ally on my right) came and pushed me from the side and was able to get it.

"Henkske_Vanh" (the guy who took the gold box) and I were both killed by "killed5"s railgun so (for the server) I was definitely parked there with the gold box ALIVE, just that my lag prevented me from "taking" the gold box.

long story posted here.

account name RAG1NG_FERNO.


waited a long time for response only to get a copy-paste response.

not even a mention of compensation, which was obviously the point of this, as I've given enough proof - getting killed by a single shot with the player who got the gold box.

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