My rank is Brigadier, is it possible for me to get an M1 at my rank?

BlueNinja1027 5 years ago updated by Scientist 5 years ago 4

Can I MU an M0 to 50/50 and then get an M1 for free? If not, is there any other way I can get an M1?

Sorry, you cant get an m1 at your rank, even though, dude i wonder why do you need to buy an m1?

i want an m1 because if I use an m0, i am guaranteed that i will be made fun of and they are pretty bad. It takes me a long time to earn enough crystals for m2s. I only have 3 M2s, rail and hornet (from a 50% off sale) and wasp (from MUs) I MUed because i already MUed the speed a lot before the MU update. I decided that i might as well MU to 50/50

But sorry, you cant get it on brigadier -_-