linking e-mail to account

mr.sweettea 5 years ago updated by Scientist 5 years ago 3

I have multiple e-mails telling me to "click here to link" but it keeps sending me to mini-clip.com...

Tried changing the mini-clip to tankionline.com but it comes up "404 no found". Nothing I try works. please help. This is very frustrating. Thank you for your time........mr.sweettea

Make sure you change this whole part of the link


To tankionline.com


Don't only change the [miniclip.com] part to [tankionline.com]. That won't work.


If the password-reset link take you to miniclip's site, then follow the instructions below.

The link that you receive will be like this http://www.miniclip....mailChangeHash=xxxxxxxxxxxx

You just have to change the initial of that link, here is how to do it:

Change http://www.miniclip....mailChangeHash= with http://tankionline.c...mailChangeHash= so the link will be like this http://tankionline.c...mailChangeHash=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Note: Don't try it with previous links, generate a new one and then change it.