How to protect your account against phishers, scammers, hackers.

By following these simple safety rules, you can easily save your account from scammers and hackers.

1. Never use your username as a password. Username and password must be different!
Never use easy passwords like "123456", or things like your name, your pet's name, your phone number, etc. Also, it's not recommended to use the same password on several different sites.

How to create a strong password - 10 or more characters, including capital and lowercase letters, numbers and even special symbols.

Never write your password in a .txt on your Desktop, or in a piece of paper on your desk - obviously, that way someone can get it.

2. Never give your password to anyone. Even the Administration will never ask you for it.
Never, under any circumstances, give your password to anyone, be it a friend, Moderator, or some player you have just met in chat.

There are many players who share their password with a friend "to play on my account and get me that Thunder" - please be aware that firstly, that friend can change your password and that way steal your account. Secondly, account sharing is forbidden by the Game Rules and is punished by a complete block from the game forever.

3. Your email address, payment details - all those things can be asked only by
Don't give any of those details to some player in Skype, who represented himself as an "admin" - the real Developers have avatars in forum. If you get a letter asking about this data from an email address, different from - it's fake. Just delete it.

4. Never, under any circumstances, accept files from strangers on your computer.
Such files may contain viruses, or a keylogger, which will get your password. Accept files only from people you know, and even then, still be careful - if the file's name or extension is strange - ask what exactly is it before accepting.

The Administration never gives crystals to anyone for no reason, nor makes offers to become a Moderator, or gives invite codes for test server anywhere, in chat, forum or Skype..
Free crystals or hacks - they do not exist. Scammers create those sites and forums just to make you write your password there, thus, to steal your account.

If you're being asked to give any private information for crystals in return, or to download a program - you must know, you're being scammed!

For attempts to steal your account immediately notify the Tech Support.

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