I'm so sorry. I very much regret it. I know It was my fault.

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Good day. I would forever spellbouned from chat in the tanki online 3 years ago and I regret it very much because I did not have a reskept. At that time I was an idot, so to speak. 1 week ago I started playing Tanki Online again. I now appreciate Reskept and I know that I can hurt people with bad words, so that will never happen again. I know this is asking a lot but I wanted to ask if they could unban. If I scold someone again they can ban me forever in the chat because it's my fault and I have to be punished for it. But it will certainly not happen if I can write in the chat again. So I can support my team and the game would be more fun if I could write in the chat again. As you can see on the screenshot, my name is alireza2001 and I am a major with 30 crystals on the left site you can see that I am forever spellbouned . I live in Vienna. I would be very happy about an answer :). Have a nice day.



at first it's very well that you understand your mistakes, but this is not the right place for your "problem".

If you want to ask for an unban, you have to contatc the chatadministrator.

Here is the list of the german chatadministrators. Click

Have a nice day!