my tank does not effect on anyone

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when i start a battle first i kill 1 or 2 then my attack does not effect on anyone why


After two weeks of helpful content and responses, the topic poster has failed to reply with an update as to what is working and what is not. I believe all that could be said, has been said. Look below for the best suited solutions.
That problem is usually lag. You join a battle then you shoot, but the person that you shot's health doesn't decrease. To prevent this problem you can reload the page, disconnect and reconnect to your internet connection, close internet demanding programs(utorrent, skype, bitspirit) or internet demanding websites(BuzzFeed, Tumblr, Youtube) which will make your internet faster.
Hello , in order to make this happen make sure you take care of your cache and for sure the internet speed, if you make sure it does not affect anything try self destructing or let anybody kill you , if not just refresh the page! 

Good luck :)

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This is lag that happened to me too, refresh the page.
Ive heard that on one of the vlogs if you do to many actions at a time the game triggers an anticheat. that anticheat will not allow you to put up drops, kill tanks and all that other stuff. Pounding on your keyboard thinks you are doing "to many actions" this will trigger the anticheat. What you probably did was hit to many keys on the keyboard and that triggered the anticheat. to solve this, just refresh the page and it will be completly normal again
THIS IS ENTIRELY INCORRECT.^ This was once an issue long ago, though the anti-cheat system has become far more advanced now to recognize the difference between an aggravated player, and a hacker.
It is because of lag or Bad Internet Connection. Try refreshing the page or the Internet. It might help! I got lag because I got 512 MB RAM so yeah! ;) I crie everietiem. :P
I'm not sure, but I had a similar problem where you can't kill anyone, but nobody can kill you. You are still noticed but the both of your shots miss the actual target. It's fun, but gets boring, so just reload.
Sometimes you got lag when many programs are open. It happened to me.
what I think is that at the start, u got lag OR other people don't use that supply thing on the bottom middle of their computer. when the battle goes on and people are capturing, killing, or sniping, they use double damage or
shield when u shoot them because they wanna kill u in 1 shot . don't get too worried maybe u don't notice that they have the tiny coloured icons at the top of their tanks. Another thought of mine is that your computer is
jammed or something. It happened to me once in highland and I couldn't kill anyone, self destruct, and nobody could kill me. I asked my opponent to shoot me. He was kind enough to do it while he was capturing flags, but
unfortunately he couldn't kill me. I think u have no choice but to leave the battle. That time I could refresh, but now I don't think u can anymore.so if u ever have this thing happen again, don't waste your time and LEAVE THAT BATTLE IMMEADIETLY.
this happens sometimes to me too. Just reload the page and your fine!
Its not a glitch its your weak internet connection.
Reloading works too!
Sometimes this happens to me too and to fix it just reload the page or check your network connection.
After two weeks of helpful content and responses, the topic poster has failed to reply with an update as to what is working and what is not. I believe all that could be said, has been said. Look below for the best suited solutions.
I know what you are talking about. This happened to me once actually during an important match for a 1v1 tournament! I do not have a 100% correct answer but according to many of my friends, this happens when the server thinks you are hacking or something like that. Anyway the only solution for this is to refresh. Unfortunately there Is no way to prevent this before it happens :(
this happens cause your lagging
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This happened with me too. But when I refreshed the page the game didn't work. I later installed firefox mozilla and was able to play again. But now my exam is there so I won't be able to play much. HEHE!
But it sometimes truly lags!!!
When I first got Shaft M1, it did nothing in a Future TDM I was doing. I was just driving around like an idiot xD
It got fixed, tho
Is there a reason why I can't play tanki online 2 or is just a bug or a glitch or an update or something because I want to play it
I had the same problem . to fix this problem oll you have to do is download moxilla firefox. I think this hapends because you play at google crome. try it I belive that it will work .

i have being tried all of the answer but it's not working
before that i can get a lot of kill
if you using google chorme its dosent work. Try to use opera and firefox

It is because of the high PING. When you have bad internet connection especially or you have opened too many programs.

every time this happens to me i just self-destruct my tank once and every thing is fine.
make sure you have adope flash player installed beacause i had the same problem and even the platform of tanki online is adobe flash player

i refreshed so many times and also checked the internet connection but still it isnt working.


Hi, I have had that problem also, you are experiencing major lag spikes that only show you shooting. But you aren't. Please try and login again or reset your router. -Felicity Cole.


Sometimes happens to me probably bad internet connection. try to open it another time will work I guess.

Man I have had times like that also but I always refresh the screen catch u guys in the game!


This problem occurs during the lag.When you are shooting a tank that tank health will not decrease.But the other tank can still shoot you and decrease your health.TO fix this there are few ways and also to check are you killing a person and his life is decreasing or not try using thunder or rico then using thunder go near wall and shoot or use rico go near a wall and let bullet bounce on you.If it did not decrease your life that means the enemy health not decreasing and you are lagging.

1. Try reloading your page in battle if it still occur try closing the other tabs\

2. Try clearing browser history.

3. Try using other browser and see if it work.

4. Go and check if anyone is watching videos or something which cause lag.

Iv'e dealt with problem MANY times. The most common reason is lag. Some people that I know(comarshallcraft), just self-destruct, but let's be honest: you want more crystals. All you have to do, is to hit the "-" key. If that doesn't do it, then just press the "p" key, and press it again, when you see a clock on your screen. Then you should be able to get Capture Points, Flag captures, and most importantly: KILLS.

if your tank doesn't effect on anyone quit the battle and enter the battle again this always works!

Reload your page it will work it also happens with me its not a big problem. ;D



Try refreshing your webpage or switch to Standalone Flash Player for less lag.

Sometimes there are problems with Vulcan, when I shot at someone it does not effect on him/her, and also does not effect on health. Is there any way to remove it?


It is a known glitch and developers are aware of it. Expected to be fixed soon.


Just stop shooting and wait a few seconds before shooting again.

That happened to me a couple o times. Just wait until it corrects itself, or reload

it happens to me sometimes but aftersome time like a week or more it works again normally

i am too laging the same i cant take any boxes nor i can kill any tank


Just get killed once don't self distruct just get killed. It is common with me so I am telling

If you cant kill someone, then you cant even collect resources and cant increase your gems/diamonds. The sollution is to check your fps and ping which is showed on the bottem of the screen. The fps should around 40 and the ping should be around 200. If it is'nt then try to re-enter the game or switch the internet. I hope you will like and follow my advice and personal experience


I am able to capture flags and collect supplies but I am not able to kill any one or heal any one but everyone is killing me. PLEASE ANYONE HELP

aah i hat when this happened its mostly due to laggy connection try closing background apps and other webpages using ur internet and reloading the game this helps me alot

and another thing is ur fps and ping if the ping is over 200 might be a problem and the fps is below 38 it will definitely cause the game to lag and u will not be able to attack or target players properly it might seem that ur attacking properly but ur not and other players can see ur tank lag which in my opinion sux.

It some times depends on what software your PC/laptop runs on, If it is on Windows XP or Vista, it usually doesn't do damage after 1-2 kills because XP/Vista don't provide updates to browsers (i.e.: Chrome).

im pretty sure i have the same probl'm but mine took aff'ct when they last updated the game

yeah thanks cool its working thankyou

i am not able to get full experience..after the battle,i will have one experience and during battle i have another experience...

Hey, could you please explain more, with screenshots or video if possible?

I recommend you to contact our Technical Support using this form.

Just refreshing the page will fix it.

I'm sure.